What We Buy

We buy most kinds of scrap metal, including ferrous, non-ferrous metal. 

FERROUS MATERIAL metals that contain iron and are magnetic. They include: 

  • Plate and Structural
  • Cast Iron
  • Turnings
  • Electric Motors
  • Tin
  • Appliances

This can be anything from fencing, shelving, tools, bicycles, mowers and more. Refrigerators/Freezers, and air conditioners must have coolants evacuated.

Please call 713-676-2621 to discuss selling your ferrous scrap metal products or email : jesse.penningten@mktstrrec.com

NON-FERROUS MATERIAL do not contain iron and are not magnetic.  They include :  

  • Aluminum
    • Beverage Cans
    • Sheet Aluminum
    • Cast
    • ACSR and Neoprene
    • Extrusions
    • Wheels (and chrome-plated)
    • Clean wire
  • Copper
    • Copper wire and tubing
    • Insulated, including holiday lights
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloys
  • Lead
    • Batteries
    • Soft lead