We have a full size truck scale and warehouse scale to accommodate any individual who drives in with a small or large amount of metal.

Commercial service

We service commercial accounts with a flexible or regimented pick-up schedule. We can sort, clean, and upgrade your material. We maintain detailed accounting records and material tracking for our customers with timely payment.

Businesses we serve:

  • Air conditioning and electrical contractors

  • Demolition companies

  • Chemical companies

  • Oil/Gas

  • Machine shops

  • Metal Fabricators

  • Manufacturers

Container Service

We offer a container service with various size containers for drop off and pick up. We can accommodate any container requirement or schedule.

Specialty Jobs

We can customize our services for demolition jobs or similar. In addition to container service we can sort and clean your mixed material to give you the best value.

High-End Alloys

We specialize in the more obscure and valuable metals. We test and identify your material to determine the best price.

For any of our services we can visit your job site or facility to assess what is needed or test metal for accurate pricing. Please call us today and we can accommodate your needs. 713-676-2621